2019 First Half's Most Popular Posts

The "Key Posts" link at the top of my blog lists all important posts through the end of 2016. Along with "2017's Most Popular Posts" and “2018's Most Popular Posts,” this is intended as a complement to that list. (Also, my most popular storified Twitter discussions are here, and you can see other recent posts by clicking on the Archive link at the top of my blog.) Continuing this tradition, I give links to the most popular posts from the first half of 2019 below into four groups: popular new posts in in the first half of 2019 on diet and health, popular new posts in the first half of 2019, on other topics, and popular older posts in those two categories. I will put in the half-year pageviews for each post when someone went specifically to that post.

I am pleased to be able to report over a quarter million Google Analytics pageviews in the first half of 2019. Of the 252,048 pageviews reported, 19,684 were pageviews for my blog homepage. 

New Posts in 2019 on Diet and Health

  1. Kevin D. Hall and Juen Guo: Why it is so Hard to Lose Weight and so Hard to Keep it Off 1,562

  2. Evidence that High Insulin Levels Lead to Weight Gain 980

  3. 3 Achievable Resolutions for Weight Loss 832

  4. David Ludwig: It Takes Time to Adapt to a Lowcarb, Highfat Diet 690

  5. Lisa Drayer: Is Fasting the Fountain of Youth? 558

  6. Layne Norton Discusses the Stephan Guyenet vs. Gary Taubes Debate (a Debate on Joe Rogan’s Podcast) 513

  7. On Exercise and Weight Loss 478

New Posts in 2019 on Other Topics

  1. In Honor of Alan Krueger 8,308

  2. The Costs of Inflation 2,182

  3. John Locke: How to Recognize a Tyrant 995

  4. Who Leaves Mormonism? 940

  5. Supply and Demand for the Monetary Base: How the Fed Currently Determines Interest Rates 677

  6. John Locke's Argument for Limited Government 605

  7. Ruchir Agarwal and Miles Kimball—Enabling Deep Negative Rates to Fight Recessions: A Guide 578

  8. 2018's Most Popular Posts 477

Older Posts with Continuing Popularity on Diet and Health

  1. Forget Calorie Counting; It's the Insulin Index, Stupid  25,698

  2. How Fasting Can Starve Cancer Cells, While Leaving Normal Cells Unharmed  16,614

  3. Why a Low-Insulin-Index Diet Isn't Exactly a 'Lowcarb' Diet  5,846

  4. Whole Milk Is Healthy; Skim Milk Less So  4,509

  5. The Case Against Sugar: Stephan Guyenet vs. Gary Taubes  4,400

  6. Using the Glycemic Index as a Supplement to the Insulin Index  3,567

  7. Obesity Is Always and Everywhere an Insulin Phenomenon  2,433

  8. Which Nonsugar Sweeteners are OK? An Insulin-Index Perspective 2,293

  9. Stop Counting Calories; It's the Clock that Counts  2,285

  10. Intense Dark Chocolate: A Review  1,425

  11. What Steven Gundry's Book 'The Plant Paradox' Adds to the Principles of a Low-Insulin-Index Diet 1,285

  12. Five Books That Have Changed My Life  1,113

  13. The Keto Food Pyramid  994

  14. Jason Fung's Single Best Weight Loss Tip: Don't Eat All the Time 926

  15. Why You Should Worry about Cancer Promotion by Diet as Much as You Worry about Cancer Initiation by Carcinogens 862

  16. Meat Is Amazingly Nutritious—But Is It Amazingly Nutritious for Cancer Cells, Too?  820

  17. Vindicating Gary Taubes: A Smackdown of Seth Yoder 691

  18. Our Delusions about 'Healthy' Snacks—Nuts to That! 652

  19. 4 Propositions on Weight Loss 605

  20. My Giant Salad 560

  21. Letting Go of Sugar 549

  22. Jason Fung: Dietary Fat is Innocent of the Charges Leveled Against It 523

  23. Good News! Cancer Cells are Metabolically Handicapped 479

  24. Best Health Guide: 10 Surprising Changes When You Quit Sugar 433

  25. My Annual Anti-Cancer Fast 411

  26. The Problem with Processed Food 404

  27. Which Is Worse for You: Sugar or Fat? 402

  28. Diseases of Civilization 352

  29. Salt Is Not the Nutritional Evil It Is Made Out to Be 345

  30. Yes, Sugar is Really Bad for You 345

  31. The Case Against the Case Against Sugar: Seth Yoder vs. Gary Taubes 337

Older Posts with Continuing Popularity on Other Topics (This post is under construction: the numbers below are not accurate yet, but these are predicted to be among the more popular posts)

  1. The Social Contract According to John Locke  11,040

  2. The 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism 8,610

  3. John Stuart Mill's Brief for Freedom of Speech  2,612

  4. John Locke: Freedom is Life; Slavery Can Be Justified Only as a Reprieve from Deserved Death  2263

  5. William Graham Sumner, Social Darwinist  1,593

  6. There's One Key Difference Between Kids Who Excel at Math and Those Who Don't  (with Noah Smith) 1,317

  7. On John Locke's Labor Theory of Property 1,309

  8. Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: Expansionary Monetary Policy Does Not Raise the Budget Deficit 1,264

  9. John Locke on Punishment 1,256

  10. The Shards of My Heart 1,209

  11. William Strauss and Neil Howe's American Prophecy in 'The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny' 1,176

  12. Key Posts 1,120

  13. Five Books That Have Changed My Life  1,113

  14. The Medium-Run Natural Interest Rate and the Short-Run Natural Interest Rate 1,058

  15. John Locke: The Purpose of Law Is Freedom 1,036

  16. The Logarithmic Harmony of Percent Changes and Growth Rates  986

  17. How and Why to Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound: A Reader’s Guide  974

  18. John Locke's Argument for Majority Rule 945

  19. John Locke's State of Nature and State of War 864

  20. On the Achilles Heel of John Locke's Second Treatise: Slavery and Land Ownership 864

  21. The Message of Mormonism for Atheists Who Want to Stay Atheists 855

  22. Liberty and the Golden Rule 854

  23. John Stuart Mill on Freedom from Religion 787

  24. There Is No Such Thing as Decreasing Returns to Scale  761

  25. On Teaching and Learning Macroeconomics  727

  26. Why I Write 668

  27. John Stuart Mill’s Vigorous Advocacy of Education Vouchers 648

  28. Why Taxes are Bad 612

  29. Government Purchases vs. Government Spending 600

  30. How to Turn Every Child into a 'Math Person' 593

  31. Returns to Scale and Imperfect Competition in Market Equilibrium 583

  32. Economics Needs to Tackle All of the Big Questions in the Social Sciences 581

  33. John Locke on Legitimate Political Power 568

  34. Student Guest Posts on supplysideliberal.com 552

  35. What is the Effective Lower Bound on Interest Rates Made Of? 537

  36. John Stuart Mill’s Defense of Freedom 537

  37. The Descent—and the Divine Calling—of the Modernists 511

  38. Freedom Under Law Means All Are Subject to the Same Laws 494

  39. Joshua Foer on Deliberate Practice 453

  40. An Agnostic Prayer for Strength 451

  41. Democracy is Not Freedom 427

  42. Democracy is Not Freedom 426

  43. Human Beings as Social—and Trading—Animals 423

  44. Shane Parrish on Deliberate Practice 412

  45. John Locke on the Equality of Humans 409

  46. Netflix as an Example of Clay Christensen's 'Disruptive Innovation' 401

  47. Noah Smith: You Are Already in the Afterlife 385

  48. Key Posts 384

  49. On Having a Thesis 382

  50. The Complete Guide to Getting into an Economics PhD Program 382

  51. Two Types of Knowledge: Human Capital and Information 379

  52. Daniel Coyle on Deliberate Practice 366

  53. John Locke: The Only Legitimate Power of Governments is to Articulate the Law of Nature 346

  54. John Locke's Smackdown of Robert Filmer: Being a Father Doesn't Make Any Man a King 335

  55. Godless Religion 325

  56. What is a Supply-Side Liberal? 324