Best Health Guide: 10 Surprising Changes When You Quit Sugar

Even clickbait can sometimes be on target. Here are the 10 points in the article above, “10 Surprising Changes When You Quit Sugar”:

  1. Your teeth improve.

  2. You feel more energetic.

  3. You lose weight.

  4. You reduce your diabetes risk.

  5. Food tastes better.

  6. You get smarter.

  7. You reverse a range of health problems.

  8. Your heart health improves.

  9. You sleep better.

  10. You extend your lifespan.

If you can quit sugar, it will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. I have some tips on quitting sugar in “Letting Go of Sugar.” And I have written about some of the arguments against sugar in many of the posts flagged below.

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