My Platform, as of September 24, 2012

Detroit Metro Times mockup of the card for my Federal Lines of Credit Proposal

This is an update of my post “Miles’s Best 7 “Save-the-World” Posts, as of July 7, 2012”– a title with a bit of gentle self-mockery at my own presumption. This time, inspired by the U.S. presidential campaign, I want to think of my most important policy recommendations as a kind of shadow political platform. I have neither the odd talents, the drive, nor the sheer stamina required to be a political candidate. But if I were a political candidate, this is the platform I would run on. 

Let me organize some key posts for each policy area. Within each policy area, I have arranged them in a recommended reading order. Many of the proposals are the proposals of others, but if I put a post in this list, it is something I have signed on to, with whatever caveats are in my post.

There are three areas where I don’t have as much in the way of specific proposals (with the one exception of Charter Cities), but the posts hint at an approach. I have signaled these by using the word “perspectives” in the area heading.

Until I do another update, you will be able to access this post at any time by the “‘Save the world’ posts” link at my sidebar. Or you should be able to reach it by using the searchbox further down on the sidebar.

Short Run Fiscal Policy

Long Run Fiscal Policy

Monetary Policy

Immigration Policy and Helping the Poor

Perspectives on Long Run Economic Growth and Human Progress

Global Warming

Labor Market and Education Policy

Health Care

Perspectives on Finance

Bipartisanship in Governing and Proper Conduct During Political Campaigns

Foreign Policy, etc.

General Perspectives