2018 Supplementary Reading Assignments

  1. The Logarithmic Harmony of Percent Changes and Growth Rates 1/21/18
  2. A few of the posts linked at Student Guest Posts on supplysideliberal.com 1/23/18
  3. On Having a Thesis 1/23/18
  4. Brio in Blog Posts 1/23/18
  5. There Is No Such Thing as Decreasing Returns to Scale 2/15/18
  6. Government Purchases vs. Government Spending 3/4/18
  7. Why Taxes are Bad 3/5/18
  8. Can Taxes Raise GDP?  3/5/18
  9. Is Taxing Capital OK?  3/7/18
  10. What is a Supply-Side Liberal?  3/7/18
  11. Building Up With Grace 3/9/18
  12. Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg on Immobility in America 3/9/18
  13. The Costs and Benefits of Repealing the Zero Lower Bound...and Then Lowering the Long-Run Inflation Target 4/2/18
  14. International Finance: A Primer 4/9/18
  15. How Increasing Retirement Saving Could Give America More Balanced Trade 4/9/18
  16. Alexander Trentin Interviews Miles Kimball about Establishing an International Capital Flow Framework 4/16/18
  17. Janet Yellen is Hardly a Dove—She Knows the US Economy Needs Some Unemployment 4/16/18
  18. The Government and the Mob
  19. One of the Biggest Threats to America's Future Has the Easiest Fix
  20. Restoring American Growth: The Video (Please watch the whole thing by 4/27/18—you need this material to tackle a question on the practice exam. Watching this video counts as a makeup class.)
  21. Bonnie Kavoussi's Tweetstorm on "Restoring American Growth"
  22. The Real Test of the December 2017 Tax Reform Will Be Its Long-Run Effect
  23. How Subordinating Paper Currency to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation
  24. America's Big Monetary Policy Mistake: How Negative Interest Rates Could Have Stopped the Great Recession in Its Tracks
  25. Governments Can and Should Beat Bitcoin at Its Own Game
  26. An Underappreciated Power of a Central Bank: Determining the Relative Prices between the Various Forms of Money Under Its Jurisdiction
  27. Wonkblog Interview by Dylan Matthews: Can We Get Rid of Inflation and Recessions Forever?
  28. Danny Vinik's Interview with Miles Kimball for Business Insider: There’s an Electronic Currency that Could Save the Economy—and It’s Not Bitcoin
  29. Gather ’round, Children, Here’s How to Heal a Wounded Economy
  30. Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: Expansionary Monetary Policy Does Not Raise the Budget Deficit
  31. How and Why to Avoid Mixing Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
  32. Electronic Money: The Quiz
  33. Alexander Trentin Interviews Miles Kimball on Next Generation Monetary Policy
  34. Why We Want More Jobs


Optional recommended posts: