Restoring American Growth: The Video

Note: As the teaser for this video, see "Bonnie Kavoussi's Tweetstorm on 'Restoring American Growth'"

In Summer, 2016, I moved from the University of Michigan to the University of Colorado Boulder. This Spring, Nick Flores and Maria Oliveras organized an inaugural public lecture for me as the Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Professor of Economics. I took on the tough question of how to restore American Growth, a question closely related my post two days ago, "Why Is Productivity Growth So Low? 23 Economic Experts Weigh In|FocusEconomics."

Watching a bit of the video, I am pleased with how the talk turned out. Restoring American growth is a tough problem, and I wanted to be clear, so the talk is a long one, but I think one that will reward well the time of those who watch it. If I were to write a book about restoring American growth, this is the outline I would begin with in figuring out how to write it. 

I have to apologize for the slides themselves being washed out in the video by the lighting in the room. I explain the point of the slides well enough, you should be able to follow anyway. But the ideal way to watch this is probably to have the video in one window on your computer and to have the slides open in another window. Or if you are lucky enough to have two computers of any form (or be able to borrow), you might want to have the video going on one computer screen and the slides open on another.  

Update: Tom Grey made a full document's worth of comments, which you can see here.

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