Top 52 All-Time Posts and All My Columns Ranked by Popularity, as of May 23, 2014

I keep my ranking of top columns updated along the way, but it is time to update the ranking of my top blog posts. You can see my explanation of the rankings and other musings after the lists. 

All Quartz Columns So Far, in Order of Popularity:

  1. There’s One Key Difference Between Kids Who Excel at Math and Those Who Don’t
  2. The Coming Transformation of Education: Degrees Won’t Matter Anymore, Skills Will
  3. The Hunger Games is Hardly Our Future: It’s Already Here
  4. The Complete Guide to Getting into an Economics PhD Program
  5. Why Thinking about China is the Key to a Free World
  6. The Case for Gay Marriage is Made in the Freedom of Religion
  7. How to Turn Every Child into a “Math Person”
  8. How Big is the Sexism Problem in Economics?
  9. After Crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s Data, We Find No Evidence That High Debt Slows Growth
  10. The Swiss National Bank Means Business with Its Negative Rates
  11. The National Security Case for Raising the Gasoline Tax Right Now
  12. Will Narendra Modi’s Economic Reforms Put India on the Road to Being a Superpower?
  13. The Shakeup at the Minneapolis Fed and the Battle for the Soul of Macroeconomics
  14. How Increasing Retirement Saving Could Give America More Balanced Trade
  15. Human Grace: Gratitude is Not Simple Sentiment; It is the Motivation that Can Save the World
  16. Larry Summers Just Confirmed That He is Still a Heavyweight on Economic Policy
  17. An Economist’s Mea Culpa: I Relied on Reinhart and Rogoff
  18. Examining the Entrails: Is There Any Evidence for an Effect of Debt on Growth in the Reinhart and Rogoff Data?
  19. How to Avoid Another NASDAQ Meltdown: Slow Down Trading (to Only 20 Times Per Second)
  20. Odious Wealth: The Outrage is Not So Much Over Inequality but All the Dubious Ways the Rich Got Richer
  21. Benjamin Franklin’s Strategy to Make the US a Superpower Worked Once, Why Not Try It Again?
  22. America’s Big Monetary Policy Mistake: How Negative Interest Rates Could Have Stopped the Great Recession in Its Tracks
  23. Gather ‘round, Children, and Hear How to Heal a Wounded Economy
  24. Show Me the Money!
  25. QE or Not QE: Even Economists Needs Lessons In Quantitative Easing, Bernanke Style
  26. Don’t Believe Anyone Who Claims to Understand the Economics of Obamacare
  27. Swiss Pioneers! The Swiss as the Vanguard for Negative Interest Rates
  28. Radical Banking: The World Needs New Tools to Fight the Next Recession
  29. The Government and the Mob
  30. How Italy and the UK Can Stimulate Their Economies Without Further Damaging Their Credit Ratings
  31. Janet Yellen is Hardly a Dove: She Knows the US Economy Needs Some Unemployment
  32. Four More Years! The US Economy Needs a Third Term of Ben Bernanke
  33. Japan Should Be Trying Out a Next Generation Monetary Policy
  34. Why the US Needs Its Own Sovereign Wealth Fund
  35. One of the Biggest Threats to America’s Future Has the Easiest Fix
  36. Could the UK be the First Country to Adopt Electronic Money?
  37. Righting Rogoff on Japan’s Monetary Policy
  38. Optimal Monetary Policy: Could the Next Big Idea Come from the Blogosphere?
  39. Why You Should Care about Other People’s Children as Much as Your Own
  40. Get Real: Bob Shiller’s Nobel Should Help the World Improve Imperfect Financial Markets
  41. In Defense of Clay Christensen: Even the ‘Nicest Man Ever to Lecture’ at Harvard Can’t Innovate without Upsetting a Few People
  42. Actually, There Was Some Real Policy in Obama’s Speech
  43. Meet the Fed’s New Intellectual Powerhouse
  44. Read His Lips: Why Ben Bernanke Had to Set Firm Targets for the Economy
  45. More Muscle than QE3: With an Extra $2000 in their Pockets, Could Americans Restart the U.S. Economy?
  46. How Subordinating Paper Money to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation
  47. That Baby Born in Bethlehem Should Inspire Society to Keep Redeeming Itself
  48. Three Big Questions for Larry Summers, Janet Yellen, and Anyone Else Who Wants to Head the Fed
  49. Judging the Nations: Wealth and Happiness Are Not Enough
  50. The Man in the Tank: It’s Time to Honor the Unsung Hero of Tiananmen Square
  51. Yes, There is an Alternative to Austerity Versus Spending: Reinvigorate America’s Nonprofits
  52. John Taylor is Wrong: The Fed is Not Causing Another Recession
  53. However Low Interest Rates Might Go, the IRS Will Never Act Like a Bank
  54. Why Austerity Budgets Won’t Save Your Economy
  55. Monetary Policy and Financial Stability
  56. Make No Mistake about the Taper—the Fed Wishes It Could Stimulate the Economy More
  57. Nationalists vs. Cosmopolitans: Social Scientists Need to Learn from Their Brexit Blunder
  58. Off the Rails: What the Heck is Happening to the US Economy? How to Get the Recovery Back on Track
  59. VAT: Help the Poor and Strengthen the Economy by Changing the Way the US Collects Tax
  60. Talk Ain’t Cheap: You Should Expect Overreaction When the Fed Makes a Mess of Explaining Its Plans
  61. Obama Could Really Help the US Economy by Pushing for More Legal Immigration
  62. Does Ben Bernanke Want to Replace GDP with a Happiness Index?
  63. How to Stabilize the Financial System and Make Money for US Taxpayers
  64. How the Electronic Deutsche Mark Can Save Europe
  65. Al Roth’s Nobel Prize is in Economics, but Doctors Can Thank Him, Too
  66. Italy Should Look to Ancient Rome to Reform Its Ineffective Senate
  67. Symbol Wanted: Maybe Europe’s Unity Doesn’t Rest on Its Currency. Joint Mission to Mars, Anyone?

Major Pieces First Appearing in Other Outlets (in Arbitrary Order)

Columns Rejected by Quartz Because of Their Topics

Top 52 Posts on

  1. The Wall Street Journal’s Quality-Control Failure: Bret Stephens’s Misleading Use of Nominal Income in His Editorial 'Obama’s Envy Problem’ 7508 
  2. Contra John Taylor 7390
  3. The True Size of Africa, Revisited 7317
  4. Joshua Foer on Deliberate Practice 7110 
  5. Dr. Smith and the Asset Bubble 6735
  6. Daniel Coyle on Deliberate Practice 6425
  7. Shane Parrish on Deliberate Practice 6413
  8. The Medium-Run Natural Interest Rate and the Long-Run Natural Interest Rate 5961
  9. Scott Adams’s Finest Hour: How to Tax the Rich 4866
  10. Balance Sheet Monetary Policy: A Primer 4761
  11. Sticky Prices vs. Sticky Wages: A Debate Between Miles Kimball and Matthew Rognlie 4744
  12. The Logarithmic Harmony of Percent Changes and Growth Rates 4724
  13. What is a Supply-Side Liberal? 4684
  14. The Message of Mormonism for Atheists Who Want to Stay Atheists 4108
  15. Isaac Sorkin: Don’t Be Too Reassured by Small Short-Run Effects    of the Minimum Wage  3977
  16. Noah Smith Joins My Debate with Paul Krugman: Debt, National Lines of Credit, and Politics 3848
  17. On Master’s Programs in Economics 3711
  18. Heroes of Science Action Figures 3013
  19. The Deep Magic of Money and the Deeper Magic of the Supply Side 2860
  20. Noah Smith: God and SuperGod 2853
  21. Trillions and Trillions: Getting Used to Balance Sheet Monetary Policy 2624
  22. You Didn’t Build That: America Edition 2583
  23. The Egocentric Illusion 2522
  24. Why I Write 2521
  25. Two Types of Knowledge: Human Capital and Information 2499
  26. Why Taxes are Bad 2471
  27. Noah Smith: Mom in Hell 2414
  28. How Conservative Mormon America Avoided the Fate of Conservative White America 2378
  29. How and Why to Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound: A Reader’s Guide 2271
  30. No Tax Increase Without Recompense 2260
  31. Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: Expansionary Monetary Policy Does Not Raise the Budget Deficit 2137
  32. Books on Economics 2108
  33. Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck in Fiscal Policy 2098
  34. The Unavoidability of Faith 2060
  35. Teleotheism and the Purpose of Life 2029
  36. The Mormon View of Jesus 1951
  37. Why I am a Macroeconomist: Increasing Returns and Unemployment 1921
  38. Milton Friedman: Celebrating His 100th Birthday with Videos of Milton 1871
  39. The Shape of Production: Charles Cobb’s and Paul Douglas’s Boon to Economics 1841
  40. Electronic Money: The Powerpoint File 1831
  41. Three Goals for Ph.D. Courses in Economics 1803
  42. Let the Wrong Come to Me, For They Will Make Me More Right 1802
  43. John Stuart Mill’s Brief for Freedom of Speech 1766
  44. Inequality Aversion Utility Functions: Would $1000 Mean More to a Poorer Family than $4000 to One Twice as Rich? 1750
  45. On the Great Recession 1745
  46. Scrooge and the Ethical Case for Consumption Taxation 1723
  47. Government Purchases vs. Government Spending 1721
  48. Jobs 1695
  49. Kevin Hassett, Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw and John Taylor Need to Answer This Post of Brad DeLong’s Point by Point 1614
  50. Top 10 Posts on 1584
  51. Is Taxing Capital OK? 1553
  52. When the Government Says “You May Not Have a Job” 1529

Explanation of the rankings: 

The top 52 posts on listed above are based on Google Analytics pageviews from June 3, 2012 through around 9 pm on May 22, 2014. The number of pageviews is shown by each post. Not counting Quartz pageviews and pageviews from some forms of subscription, Google Analytics counts 504,893 pageviews during this period but, for example, 135,805 homepage views could not be categorized by post.

I have to handle my Quartz columns separately because that pageview data is proprietary. My very most popular pieces have been Quartz columns, so I list them first. I have listed them all plus a few columns in other outlets, with the ones with no data (yet) listed at the bottom. (To avoid duplication, I have disqualified companion posts to Quartz columns from the top 40 blog post list, since they eventually get recombined with the Quartz columns when I repatriate the columns. For these columns, the ranking is by pageviews at a point where things have settled down. For later posts, that is standardized to pageviews during the first 30 days when Quartz has an exclusive.)

Going forward as in the past, I plan to update the list of columns as new columns appear, but the list of posts is locked in place until the next time I do a post like this.

You might also find other posts you like in this earlier list of top posts. If you want to compare all the shifts to the last time I did the list of top blog posts, here it is. Last time, October 14, 2013, I did the top 40. In just the top 40 above, there are 15 new entrants since that last time. Conversely, 6 out of last time’s top 40 didn’t even make it into the top 52 this time.