Top 10 Quartz Columns and Top 25 All-Time Posts as of February 12, 2013

The top 25 posts on listed below are based on Google Analytics pageviews from June 3, 2012 through February 11, 2013. The number of pageviews is shown by each post. (There were 195,923 pageviews during this period, but, for example, 66,802 homepage views could not be categorized by post.) I have to handle my Quartz columns separately because that pageview data is proprietary. So there I am giving only the order in the Top 10 list immediately below. The list of top posts would be quite misleading without the inclusion of the Quartz columns. You might also find other posts you like in this earlier list of top posts, at this link.

Top 10 Quartz Columns, in Order of Popularity

  1. Why the US Needs Its Own Sovereign Wealth Fund
  2. Could the UK be the First Country to Adopt Electronic Money?
  3. Read His Lips: Why Ben Bernanke Had to Set Firm Targets for the Economy
  4. More Muscle than QE3: With an Extra $2000 in their Pockets, Could Americans Restart the U.S. Economy?
  5. How Paper Currency is Holding the US Recovery Back (How Subordinating Paper Money to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation)
  6. Emotional Indicator: Obama the Libertarian? Americans Say They’d be Happy if Government Got Out of Their Way (Judging the Nations: Wealth and Happiness Are Not Enough)
  7. Yes, There is an Alternative to Austerity Versus Spending: Reinvigorate America’s Nonprofits
  8. John Taylor is Wrong: The Fed is Not Causing Another Recession
  9. Off the Rails: What the Heck is Happening to the US Economy? How to Get the Recovery Back on Track
  10. Obama Could Really Help the US Economy by Pushing for More Legal Immigration

Top 25 Posts on

  1.  Dr. Smith and the Asset Bubble 6054
  2.  Contra John Taylor 5266
  3.  Scott Adams’s Finest Hour: How to Tax the Rich 4043
  4.  Balance Sheet Monetary Policy: A Primer 3701
  5.  What is a Supply-Side Liberal? 2771
  6.  The Deep Magic of Money and the Deeper Magic of the Supply Side 2363
  7.  You Didn’t Build That: America Edition 2129
  8.  Trillions and Trillions: Getting Used to Balance Sheet Monetary Policy 2020 
  9.  The Egocentric Illusion 1896
  10. Two Types of Knowledge: Human Capital and Information 1839
  11. Books on Economics 1781
  12. No Tax Increase Without Recompense 1757
  13.  Why I am a Macroeconomist: Increasing Returns and Unemployment 1686
  14. Jobs 1636
  15. The Logarithmic Harmony of Percent Changes and Growth Rates 1623
  16. Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck in Fiscal Policy 1600
  17. Scrooge and the Ethical Case for Consumption Taxation 1538
  18. Kevin Hassett, Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw and John Taylor Need to Answer This Post of Brad DeLong’s Point by Point 1527
  19. The Shape of Production: Charles Cobb’s and Paul Douglas’s Boon to Economics 1522
  20. Is Taxing Capital OK? 1385
  21. Corporations are People, My Friend 1314
  22. Why Taxes are Bad 1275
  23. Avoiding Fiscal Armageddon 1274
  24. Thoughts on Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Wake of the Great Recession:’s First Month 1261
  25. Is Monetary Policy Thinking in Thrall to Wallace Neutrality?  1247

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