Within the Overton Window

Yesterday, I listed some proposals that are not yet easy for politicians to talk about. Today, let me list some policy positions I favor that are sometimes echoed by politicians, and so lie within the Overton window of what can be said without sounding too extreme. Here they are, with links:

  1. Free Trade
  2. Free Speech
  3. Charter Cities
  4. School Choice
  5. The Free Market
  6. Copyright Reform
  7. Honoring Tax Payers
  8. Libertarian Paternalism
  9. Redesigning Mortgages
  10. Laws Against Deception
  11. Taking Care of the Poor
  12. Nonpartisan Redistricting
  13. Medical Reform Federalism
  14. Keeping the Federal Reserve
  15. The Reintroduction of the Deutsche Mark
  16. A Dramatic Reduction in Occupational Licensing
  17. Exporting Jobs to Places They are Desperately Needed
  18. Public Health Interventions in the Area of Food and Drink
  19. Frontloading Federal Transfers to States During Recessions
  20. Going to War If Necessary to Stop Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapons
  21. The End of Income Taxes and Capital Taxes, Replaced by Consumption Taxes (also here
  22. The Careful Use of Subjective Measures of Well Being to Inform Policy (also here)
  23. A Modest Carbon Tax (also here) and Increased Support for Research in Low-Carbon Energy Technology, Without Alarmism
  24. Reorienting Unions and Workplace Law toward Improving the Workplace Experience and away from Politics and from Artificially Pushing Up Wages and Benefits

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