Top 25 Posts, July-August 2012

Top 25 based on Google Analytics pageviews in July and August, 2012. The number of pageviews is shown by each post. (There were 66,419 pageviews during this period, but, for example, 20,205 homepage views could not be categorized by post.) See the Top 10 based on May and June pageviews (many quite popular) in a bonus section at the bottom.

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  1. Dr. Smith and the Asset Bubble 5420
  2. Scott Adams’s Finest Hour: How to Tax the Rich 2937
  3. You Didn’t Build That: America Edition 1874
  4. Jobs 1393
  5. Kevin Hassett, Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw and John Taylor Need to Answer This Post of Brad DeLong’s Point by Point 1248
  6. The Egocentric Illusion 1209
  7. What is a Supply-Side Liberal? 1112
  8. Corporations are People, My Friend 1038
  9. Two Types of Knowledge: Human Capital and Information 841
  10. Top 10 Posts on (May-June, 2012) 832
  11. When the Government Says “You May Not Have a Job” 771
  12. Balance Sheet Monetary Policy: A Primer 766
  13. Is Taxing Capital OK? 690
  14. Will Mitt’s Mormonism Make Him a Supply-Side Liberal? 665
  15. Rich, Poor and Middle-Class 659
  16. Teleotheism and the Purpose of Life 645
  17. Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck in Fiscal Policy 644
  18. The Flat Tax, The Head Tax and the Size of Government: A Tax Parable 643
  19. Miles Kimball and Brad DeLong Discuss Wallace Neutrality and Principles of Macroeconomics Textbooks  640
  20. Thoughts on Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Wake of the Great Recession:’s First Month 638
  21. No Tax Increase Without Recompense 626
  22. Why My Retirement Savings Accounts are Currently 100% in the Stock Market 557
  23. The Euro and the Mark 536
  24. Preventing Recession-Fighting from Becoming a Political Football 533
  25. Miles’s Best 7 “Save-the-World” Posts, as of July 7, 2012 485

Bonus: The Top 10 based on May and June (and July 1) pageviews are copied below. The pageviews through July 1 are shown by each post. (Copied from #10 above.) The list above and the list below combined include the full set of my all-time Top 25 posts. (#1 through #8 below are in my all-time Top 25.)

  1. Balance Sheet Monetary Policy: A Primer: 2213
  2. Trillions and Trillions: Getting Used to Balance Sheet Monetary Policy: 849
  3. Is Monetary Policy Thinking in Thrall to Wallace Neutrality? 795
  4. Mark Thoma: Laughing at the Laffer Curve: 699
  5. What is a Supply-Side Liberal? 678
  6. Thoughts on Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Wake of the Great Recession:’s First Month: 608
  7. Leveling Up: Making the Transition from Poor Country to Rich Country: 564
  8. Avoiding Fiscal Armageddon: 526
  9. Wallace Neutrality and Ricardian Neutrality: 345
  10. Future Heroes of Humanity and Heroes of Japan: 291