Posts on Politics and Political Economy through September 1, 2012

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  1. What is a Supply-Side Liberal?
  2. Noah Smith: “Miles Kimball, the Supply-Side Liberal”
  3. Leading States in the Fiscal Two-Step
  4. Avoiding Fiscal Armageddon
  5. Leveling Up: Making the Transition from Poor Country to Rich Country
  6. Mark Thoma: Kenya’s Kibera Slum
  7. Mark Thoma: Laughing at the Laffer Curve
  8. The Euro and the Mediterano
  9. Rich, Poor and Middle-Class
  10. Bill Greider on Federal Lines of Credit: “A New Way to Recharge the Economy” 
  11. Corporations are People, My Friend
  12. Preventing Recession-Fighting from Becoming a Political Football
  13. You Didn’t Build That: America Edition
  14. Will Mitt’s Mormonism Make Him a Supply-Side Liberal?  
  15. The Euro and the Mark
  16. How the Mormons Became Largely Republican
  17. Adam Ozimek: What “You Didn’t Build That” Tells Us About Immigration 
  18. Charles Murray: Why Capitalism Has an Image Problem 
  19. Charles Hill: The Empire Strikes Back
  20. Adam Smith as Patron Saint of Supply-Side Liberalism?
  21. Things are Getting Better: 3 Videos 
  22. Government Purchases vs. Government Spending 
  23. Mark Thoma on the Politicization of Stabilization Policy
  24. Milton Friedman: Celebrating His 100th Birthday with Videos of Milton
  25. Isomorphismes: A Skew Economy & the Tacking Theory of Growth
  26. Daniel Kuehn: Remembering Milton Friedman 
  27. Big Brother Speaks: Christian Kimball on Mitt Romney
  28. Fed Transparency and Obscurantism
  29. The True Story of How Economics Got Its Nickname “The Dismal Science”
  30. The Paul Ryan Tweets 
  31. Joe Gagnon on the Internal Struggles of the Federal Reserve Board 
  32. Matthew O'Brien on Paul Ryan’s Monetary Policy Views 
  33. Noah Smith on the Coming Japanese Debt Crisis
  34. Kevin Hassett, Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw and John Taylor Need to Answer This Post of Brad DeLong’s Point by Point 
  35. When the Government Says “You May Not Have a Job”
  36. Brad DeLong’s Views on Monetary Policy and the Fed’s Internal Politics
  37. Persuasion
  38. Gavyn Davies on the Political Debate about Economic Uncertainty
  39. Larry Summers on the Reality of Trying to Shrink Government
  40. James Surowiecki on Skilled Worker Immigration
  41. Vipul Naik and Garett Jones on the Robustness of This Unbelievable American System 
  42. Josh Barro on a Central Issue of Political Economy: Poor vs. Old 
  43. Matt Yglesias on How the “Stimulus Bill” was About a Lot More Than Stimulus 
  44. Scott Adams’s Finest Hour: How to Tax the Rich 
  45. My Ec 10 Teacher Mary O’Keeffe Reviews My Blog 
  46. Occupy Wall Street Video 
  47. No Tax Increase Without Recompense
  48. Adam Davidson on Friedrich Hayek’s Miscellaneous Views
  49. Matthew O'Brien versus the Gold Standard 
  50. What is a Partisan Nonpartisan Blog?
  51. Tyler Cowen’s Review of My Posts and Tweets about Mitt Romney 
  52. Family Income Growth by Quintile Since 1950 
  53. Jonathan Rauch on Democracy, Capitalism and Liberal Science
  54. A Book of Mormon Story Every Mormon Boy and Girl Knows
  55. Bill Dickens on Helping the Poor
  56. The Magic of Etch-a-Sketch: A Supply-Side Liberal Fantasy