How Americans Spend Their Money and Time

Two of the most fundamental choices people make are how to spend their money and their time. Economists talk about a “budget constraint” for money and a “budget constraint” for time. Here is a set of links to well-done graphs on how Americans deal with those two budget constraints: 

  1. Jacob Goldstein and Lam Thuy Vo: “What America Buys”
  2. Jacob Goldstein and Lam Thuy Vo: “How The Poor, The Rich And The Middle Class Spend Their Money”
  3. Lam Thuy Vo: “What Americans Actually Do All Day Long, In 2 Graphics”
  4. Jacob Goldstein and Lam Thuy Vo: “What America Does For Work.” 


Thanks to my brother Joseph Kimball for pointing me to this series of posts by Lam Thuy Vo and Jacob Goldstein.