Milton Friedman: Celebrating His 100th Birthday with Videos of Milton

Power of the Market: The Pencil

Milton Friedman on the Basis of the Free Market (Consumer sovereignty)

Milton Friedman on Printing Money (A great deal at 29 seconds)

Milton Friedman on Public Education (Not about vouchers, but about the condescension behind public education.)

Persuasion vs. Coercion (The importance of giving people the chance to hear intellectually diverse viewpoints.)

Free Market Exchange (I love what Milton says in this video about the free development of language, English Common Law, and science.)

The Proper Role of Government (Legally formalizing ethical rules is different from other, more arbitrary legislation.)

Socialism is Force

Why Do We Let This Happen?

Population and Ecology (Milton backs Pigou taxes on pollution.)

Market Failure (Milton recommends careful balancing between concerns of market failure and concerns of government failure.)

Milton Friedman Puts a Young Michael Moore in His Place (Not really Michael Moore–only “a Michael Moore” in the sense of someone like Michael Moore. Milton argues for a finite value of a human life and argues that enforcing laws against fraud is a legitimate purpose of government.)

Corporatism and Medicare (Debate between Milton and Michael Harrington)

Incentives for Immoral Behavior (Pay attention to what Milton says about the decline of corruption in England.)

Redistribution of Wealth (Milton: “As you grow up, you will discover that this is really a family society, and not an individual society.”)

Responsibility to the Poor

Private Charity vs. Taxes

The Robin Hood Myth

In The Robin Hood Myth, Milton talks about his brother-in-law Aaron Director’s Law, saying:

Director’s Law is, that almost invariably, government programs benefit the middle income class, at the expense of the very poor and the very rich.

I take up my lance to tilt against the windmill of Director’s Law in my post “Rich, Poor and Middle Class.”

Note: There are many more videos of Milton out there. Of the ones I watched, I did some picking and choosing, based on a value per minute criterion. I tried to put the videos in a logical order.