Enabling Deeper Negative Rates by Managing the Side Effects of a Zero Paper Currency Interest Rate: The Powerpoint File

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The European Department of the IMF is understandably quite interested in negative interest rate policy. I was invited to give two presentations there today. In addition to my standard presentation 

18 Misconceptions about Eliminating the Zero Lower Bound

which I will give in the afternoon, I am giving a brand new presentation in the morning, that is the kernel of a new paper with Ruchir Agarwal and also the inspiration for my much shorter presentation at the Brookings Institution (Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy) conference on negative rates on Monday:

Enabling Deeper Negative Rates by Managing the Side Effects of a Zero Paper Currency Interest Rate

You might be interesting in taking a look at this Powerpoint file I am linking to immediately above. 

I gave a presentation on negative interest rate policy at the IMF once before, on May 4, 2015, but it was a different presentation to a different group.