Matthijs Lof and Tuomas Malinen: The Growth and Sovereign Debt Correlation

It is close to the anniversary of the revelations of problems in the Reinhart and Rogoff data, which also inspired many substantive reanalyses. The article linked above cites my column with Yichuan Wang, “After Crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s Data, We Found No Evidence High Debt Slows Growth.” For more links, see my followup column with Yichuan: “Examining the Entrails: Is There Any Evidence for an Effect of Debt on Growth in the Reinhart and Rogoff Data?”

See also Salim Furth’s article “Reinhart, Rogoff and the Spreadsheet Error a Year Later,” noting how few economists seem to have publicly admitted to changing their minds. In a tweet, Salim specifically exempts me from that criticism, in view of my column “An Economist’s Mea Culpa: I Relied on Reinhart and Rogoff” and my work with Yichuan, inspired in part by my chagrin at my mistake.