Tom Grey’s Excellent Electronic Money Rap

When I followed up “Gather ’round, Children, Here’s How to Heal a Wounded Economy” with a lame rap video version of the storybook, I begged for someone to try their hand at a real rap version. Tom Grey stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. He totally rewrote the words of the story to make it work as a rap, but kept the same essential meaning. Donna D'Souza put the new text together with the pictures and the Tom Grey’s audio track to make the YouTube video.

The video is the spoken rap version without music.  A version with music is coming. If you want to print out the storybook with the rap text, here it is.

I am not proud of my own rap version, but I think my read-aloud version and my operatic ballad version of the story on YouTube are fine. 

Many, many thanks to Tom. A wonderful New Year’s present!