Going off the Paper Standard

Here is a link to my 1st Pieria exclusive: “Going off the Paper Standard." 

I like the website Pieria because of its focus on serious economic issues. Pieria counts me as one of its "experts,” and I keep good company in that role. In the past Pieria has mirrored many of my posts in accordance with my general permission to mirror my posts on other sites, under certain conditions. For the first time, I have engaged in an arrangement to post something on Pieria first. In about two weeks, I will repatriate it to supplysideliberal.com.

Unlike my Quartz articles, in this case, I have written exactly what I would have written if the post had appeared first on supplysideliberal.com. Pieria added the picture and a section heading, but otherwise didn’t change one word, and the title is mine. This post is at a higher level of economic sophistication than would be appropriate for Quartz.