Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, Robert Pollin and Mike Konczal: Researchers Finally Had a Chance to Replicate Reinhart-Rogoff, and There Are Serious Problems.

I thought it important to put this up right away, since I have referenced the correlations in the Carmen Reinhart, Vincent Reinhart and Ken Rogoff paper “Debt Overhangs, Past and Present.” It is likely that the later paper I relied on has some of the same problems as the earlier paper that Mike Konczal discusses based on Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin’s paper “Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff,” In particular, I would like to know how the figures from “Debt Overhangs, Past and Present,” that I copied over in my post “Noah Smith Joins My Debate with Paul Krugman: Debt, National Lines of Credit, and Politics” are affected by the emendations of Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin. I would be grateful for any help in figuring this out.