Miles on HuffPost Live: Debt, Electronic Money, Federal Lines of Credit, and a Public Contribution Program

Link to HuffPost LIve Segment “Owning Our Debt”

I am still a novice at TV and video appearances, and so stumbled over some of my words and had some trouble with my lighting, but I thought this segment of HuffPost Live went well. I had a chance to talk about debt, electronic money, Federal Lines of Credit and my idea for a Public Contribution Program.  My main goal was to get across the substance of my Quartz column “What Paul Krugman got wrong about Italy’s economy,” including my reply to Paul Krugman’s response, which you can see in my post “Noah Smith Joins My Debate with Paul Krugman: Debt, National Lines of Credit, and Politics.”

The segment was inspired by Robert Solow’s essay “Our Debt, Ourselves.”

My other appearance on HuffPost Live is here: 

I also had one TV appearance on CNBC’s Squawkbox:

Finally, I have had two radio interviews, whichj allowed me to explain electronic money and Federal Lines of Credit much better than I could on HuffPost Live: