Paul Romer's Reply and a Save-the-World Tweet

I sent an email to Paul Romer to let him know about my post giving kudos to his idea of Charter Cities. Here is his reply, which I share with you with his permission. (Note: Paul’s links, unlike mine, stay in the same window, so use the backarrow to return instead of closing the window.) 

Miles, good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. 

Surprisingly to me, soon after I gave this talk, I was approached by people from the government in Honduras, which has taken many steps toward implementing a version of this idea. 

See for example, 

“Hong Kong in Honduras” in The Economist

“Who Wants to Buy Honduras?” in the New York Times

Readers who want more information could check out

Cheers, Paul

I believe in Charter Cities.

I think many of you will feel the way I feel about Paul Romer’s Charter City idea, too, if you take 19 minutes to watch 

this video of Paul Romer’s TED talk.

 If I am right and you do agree with me on this, let me ask you to engage in a bit of activism with me:

Here is a link to my first save-the-world tweet in what I want to propose as the supplysideliberal community’s first save-the-world tweet campaign: Charter Cities.

If you retweet this save-the-world tweet, together we might be able to get a snowball of tweets in favor of Charter Cities going that will let a lot many more people know about this idea that could change the world. 

To help get things started, I have temporarily put a link labeled “Learn about our save-the-world campaign for Charter Cities” at the top of my sidebar links. It redirects to this post.