Why Is Productivity Growth So Low? 23 Economic Experts Weigh In|FocusEconomics

FocusEconomics included me among the 23 experts asked the question "Why is productivity growth so low?" You can see my answer above and all of our answers at this link. Here is the list of economists offering their takes, in the order they appear in the article:

  1. Mike Norman
  2. Karl Denninger
  3. James Picerno
  4. Daniel Lacalle
  5. Alden Abbott
  6. Constantinos Charalambous
  7. Timothy Taylor
  8. Dean Baker
  9. Carola Binder
  10. John Cochrane
  11. Livio Di Matteo
  12. Colin Lloyd
  13. Elliott Morse
  14. Mike "Mish" Shedlock
  15. George Selgin
  16. David Andolfatto
  17. Jeff Miller
  18. Antonio Fatas
  19. Miles Kimball
  20. Neven Valev
  21. John Quiggin
  22. David T. Flynn
  23. Steve Keen

FocusEconomics sets up the question well at the beginning.