Dominic Chu Interviews Miles Kimball for CNBC about the Need for the Fed to Reverse Course More Often

Link to CNBC segment “Economist: Fed needs to be more flexible”

Link to Alex Rosenberg’s companion article “The Fed resembles a defective car — here’s how to fix it: Economist”

I was very pleased at how this interview turned out. Take a look. Both links above have the video. Only 6 minutes and 26 seconds!

Alex Rosenberg made this happen, and does an excellent summary in the accompanying article, which also discusses Narayana Kocherlakota’s column “The Fed Needs More Than One Direction.”

I learned an interesting fact along the way. I did this interview for free, but CNBC paid the University of Michigan $700 for the use of the video facilities and personnel and satellite link at the University of Michigan to do the videotaping.  

Alex Rosenberg interviewed me on the phone the day before the videotaping. Don’t miss his other interviews of me, in these posts: