Chris Matthews on Negative Interest Rates

Link to the October 21, 2015 article “Ben Bernanke sees the upside of negative rates.”

I was pleased to see, belatedly, the article “Ben Bernanke sees the upside of negative rates” by Chris Matthews. Chris quotes from and links to my Quartz column “America’s huge mistake on monetary policy: How negative interest rates could have stopped the Great Recession in its tracks.”

Chris’s other link is also interesting: he links to Joshua Franklin’s October 16, 2015 article “Swiss bank ABS plans negative interest rates for some depositors.” The key passages there are:

“On transactional accounts … there will be negative interest rates of -0.125 percent from the first franc,” the ABS spokeswoman said, adding that this would come into effect from the start of next year. …

Major banks like UBS and Credit Suisse have introduced deposit charges for some large clients but Swiss broadcaster SRF said ABS would be the first Swiss bank to introduce negative rates for smaller clients.