Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound and Electronic Money: The AEA Meeting Presentation

I wanted to invite all of you who are in San Francisco for the American Economics Association meetings to my presentation tomorrow (Monday) on how to eliminate the zero lower bound. You can see the details above.

I would love to meet and get a chance to talk in person to anyone who is a regular reader of this blog right after this session.

I trimmed down my Powerpoint file to this given the time constraints, and tried to get to the key idea quicker, even before getting to the “18 misconceptions.” Then it will be OK if I don’t manage to address all 18 misconceptions, especially since people are likely to ask questions that highlight some of the others.

If you want more background before coming, take a look at

How and Why to Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound: A Reader’s Guide.

Update: It was a great session. Ken Rogoff could not make it due to his wife’s illness; I highly recommend the other paper presented by the Bank of England’s John Barrdear and Michael Kumhof: “The Macroeconomics of Central Bank-Issued Digitial Currency.”Andrew Rose was my discussant. He was very positive but less optimistic than I am about how soon the zero lower bound will be effectively eliminated. I was tickled that–like Ken Rogoff at the Chief Economist’s Conference at the Bank of England last May–Andrew described me as “evangelical” about negative interest rate policy.