Online Resources for Reading, Writing and Data Analysis

  1. Monetary Policy Releases, 2014 (on the Fed’s official website)
  2. Links I am Thinking About—this is a companion blog of mine, entirely made up of links to articles I thought looked interesting. I post new links frequently. 
  3. FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data—a graph-making website with a huge amount of economic data to make the graphs with. 
  4. Economistsview (top economics aggregation blog)
  5. John Cochrane’s blog The Grumpy EconomistJohn Cochrane is one of the top financial economists in the world. He announces his blog posts on Twitter @JohnHCochrane but doesn’t do much else on Twitter. 
  6. Grammar Girl blog—an excellent source of grammar tips.
  7.—in case you need help finding just the right word. I just googled “thesaurus.” You can find many online dictionaries, as well. 
  8. Google Translate—you can even read articles in foreign languages adequately with this program.