Guidelines for Blog Posts

  1. Examples: Most of your question about what you can do in the blog posts will be answered by reading the posts that I liked best from last year
  2. Topics: You can write about anything related to economics. Try to do some of the posts more specifically about macroeconomics or finance, but I don’t want to stifle your creativity. Just start out writing about any economics-related topic that you have an angle on (=something to say about) and we will let you know if your topics are running too far afield. But that has never been a problem before.
  3. References: Each blog post needs to link to at least two other sources that you integrate into the post. At least one of the sources needs to be dated 2015. For roughly half of the blog posts, one of the sources should be in the Wall Street Journal. A good reference for a blog post is a link that works, plus enough information to google the source if the link stops working for whatever reason.   
  4. Length: 400 to 700 words. At least 2/3 of the words must be your own words, and you must clearly signal which words are not your own.  
  5. Revised Posts: Spread your 5 revised blog posts out over the semester. Don’t bunch them all up at the end or all at the beginning. On revised posts (not on regular posts), send an email to both of us with a link to the revised post. Put Econ 411 at the start of the subject line.