The Message of “Sal Tlay Ka Siti”

To folks in desperate poverty around the world, America is heaven on earth. Maybe we should let people into heaven.

I saw the musical “The Book of Mormon” in London with my family during the week I went to the Bank of England to talk about eliminating the zero lower bound (and wrote A Minimalist Implementation of Electronic Money  and How to Set the Exchange Rate Between Paper Currency and Electronic Money).

To me, the most moving and powerful song was the one above: “Sal Tlay Ka Siti.” Though Salt Lake City is a very nice city, the song is really about America and what America means to people in other countries much poorer than ours. I hope you take time to listen to the song and think about its message. Here is the link to the video above that has the lyrics and audio for the song Sal Tlay Ka Siti from the play. But you can watch it right here. (The music starts about 15 seconds in.)

Note: my column “The Hunger Games is Hardly Our Future: It’s Already Here” has the same message. I think you will like it. I also put out a couple of tweets about immigration on Monday morning while reading the Wall Street Journal article “Jeb Bush to Decide by Year-End Whether to Run for President”: