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I was pleased that Brian Milner of the Globe and Mail found his way to my blog post “After Crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s Data, We Found No Evidence That High Debt Slows Growth,” and in his article and in “Rogoff-Reinhart put cart before the horse” quotes my sentence: 

What I find remarkable is that despite the likely negative effect of debt on growth from refinancing difficulties, we found no overall negative effect of debt on growth.

But Brian was inaccurate when he followed that quotation with the attribution

…Mr. Kimball wrote in a blog post at Quartz.

Brian didn’t realize that is an independent blog.

Though I love my editors at Quartz, I have fiercely guarded the principle of the independence of itself. As I said in my anniversary post

“A Year in the Life of a Supply-Side Liberal,”

it means a lot to me that I can say here anything that I think needs to be said on my own account without asking anyone’s permission.