Diana Kimball: What Happens Next

This is a reblogged post from my daughter Diana. She makes me very proud.  


Every now and then, I write a letter about what I’ve learned lately. Today’s letter was a little different.

Over the past year, people have often wondered out loud: what will you do next? What happens after you graduate? For a while now, I’ve had a hunch. But now that it’s official, I wanted to share the news with all of you.

What’s happening next is this: I’m moving to Berlin to work at SoundCloud.


The most amazing part? Erik is, too. After two years of long distance, we’re reuniting on the other side of the world. I’ll be joining SoundCloud as a Community Manager focused on scaling up their community engagement efforts; Erik will be joining as a Developer Evangelist. I am pretty much over the moon.

I’ve been on the lookout for a way to work with David Noël ever since our first conversation. The day we met, I tweeted in awe: “Too energized to sleep after dinner & ideas with @David, thanks to @eqx1979’s introduction. Future history, left turns & leading by example.” Over the next two years, we talked all the time; every conversation blew my mind. But SoundCloud was still in Berlin, and the rest of my life was still in San Francisco, and neither city would budge. The impasse was undeniable, but so was the draw.

The first turning point came when David invited me to Berlin last November to meet with the rest of the team—just to see. What I wasn’t prepared for was that every conversation would leave me in awe. Back in my teal and orange hotel room after a day of those conversations, I remember telling Erik in disbelief: I think I need to work here. I returned to Boston exhilarated, but perplexed. I stayed that way for weeks.

The second turning point came in December. Erik and I were on FaceTime, just catching up on each other’s lives, when suddenly he brought up an idea:what if I worked at SoundCloud, too? My eyes went wide as the idea sank in; I tried my hardest not to explode with excitement. That would be AMAZING. The next time David and I talked, I mentioned the idea and he broke out one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen.

The rest is history…except for what happens next.