In Praise of Tumblr

I have been worrying about how faithful readers will adapt to the imminent demise of Google Reader. Please share your advice for replacements for Google Reader in the comments. 

For following this blog, one possibility you might want to consider is following it directly on Tumblr. When I started, my tech-savvy daughter, dianakimball recommended that I use Tumblr. I have always been glad for that. Tumblr is a blog site designed for visual and multimedia posts. What that means for me in practice is that it looks good. But there are many word-focused bloggers like me on Tumblr as well.

If you want to follow me directly on Tumblr, just click on the “Join Tumblr” button on the upper right hand of your screen. Tumblr will send you posts it recommends until you follow at least five Tumblogs, but you will find it is easy to find five Tumblogs worth following. I mainly see what is on Tumblr in passing as I write blog posts. I find it a pleasure. Here are the ten I follow, some primarily word-focused and some primarily visual:

  1. dianakimball
  2. isomorphismes
  3. mills
  4. defenestrador
  5. 33arquitectures (high volume)
  6. liucid
  7. newsofthetimes
  8. jackcheng
  9. lisasanchez
  10. bobbieroundstheworld

I would never have seen the accidental architectural frog above if it hadn’t been for the Tumblr reblogging chain that brought it to me through 33arquitectures.

Please share your recommendations for other Tumblogs to follow in the comments.