My New Companion Blog: "Links I am Thinking About"

Here is a link to my new companion blog “Links I am Thinking About”

I often want to keep track of links to articles I might refer to in posts and columns of my own. It occurred to me that a companion Tumblr blog could serve that purpose, while itself being of interest to some readers. The rule I am setting myself for this new companion blog “Links I am Thinking About,” is that it will only have simple link posts, with a bare minimum of description. 

The tagline for “Links I am Thinking About” is

to agree with, to disagree with, or as clues.

Thus, while a link post on my main blog that has no commentary signals that I have a favorable attitude toward what I am linking to at the time I link to it, a bare link on the “Links I am Thinking About” companion blog may not indicate even the mildest endorsement. Ordinarily, anything I put on “Links I am Thinking About” I will tweet as well. But “Links I am Thinking About” is meant to be a more permanent record than my Twitter feed. For economics, the importance of “clues” is evident from the Larry Summers maxim that is my drumbeat in “Dr. Smith and the Asset Bubble”:

It isn’t easy to figure out how the world works.

For religion, the importance of “clues” is evident in my post “An Agnostic Grace.”

To make “Links I am Thinking About” easy to access, I have added a link to this new companion blog on my sidebar–as you can see halfway down the magnified screen shot below: