A New Sidebar and a Badge of Honor

I know that many of you view supplysideliberal.com in ways that don’t let you see the sidebar. So I wanted to make sure you knew how many useful links and other things there are on the sidebar if you go to supplysideliberal.com itself on a device with a full screen. Following my technical expert Diana Kimball’s advice, I have tried to make the sidebar attractive to the eye by sprinkling thumbnail photos throughout the sidebar (often of the header illustrations of key posts).

The most important innovation on the sidebar are the “sub-blogs” of tagged posts. The sub-blogs look exactly like the blog itself, with one full post after another (not just links), but with only a subset of all the posts. Here are the sub-blogs I have so far (more to come):









Among the many useful things lower down on the sidebar that you can’t see in my two screen shots above, the most useful is the within-blog search box. I use that all the time to find posts. It has to be at the bottom of the sidebar because the search results appear underneath it.

Finally, another new addition is the “Top Economics Site" badge which clicks through to an aggregation site that lays out its selection of 100 other economics sites. I like the short description there of this blog so much that I quote it under the badge on my sidebar. Here is that description:

This unique blog by a University of Michigan economics professor applies market-driven and supply-side ideas to issues normally dominated by liberal activists. The result is a fascinating and well-written site that will challenge the assumptions of nearly any reader.