Miles's University of Michigan Website

With the help of the free html editor Blue Griffin on my Mac, I did some very basic improvements to my University of Michigan website. Most importantly, I put so many links leading to this blog at the top that anyone who happens upon my University of Michigan website can’t miss them!

In any case, some of you may be interested in one or more of the academic working papers on my University of Michigan website. A warning: some papers there are quite preliminary, but the key ideas should be there. Also, at this moment I am far behind in the task of putting up links to my recent working papers.  

Some of the best material on my University of Michigan website is accessible through the class links Economics 611 (“Business Cycle Theory”) and Economics 609 (“Advanced Mathematical Methods for Macroeconomics,” which focuses on mathematically characterizing value functions in stochastic dynamic programming problems).  

In other blog mechanics news, if you are at itself, you can see that I am continuing to make improvements to the sidebar. I added a “Top 10 Posts” link and in a minute, I will change the “Miles’s CV” link at the sidebar to a link to my U of Michigan website.