Illustration Note Added to "Leading States in the Fiscal Two-Step"

[Note on the cartoon:  My technical and blog etiquette expert Diana Kimball tells me it is proper etiquette to acknowledge the origin of photos by linking to the source.  I won’t go back and do that on all of my earlier posts, but I wanted to give you the link to this one because I found it early on, and then was frustrated that I couldn’t find it when it came time to post “Leading States in the Fiscal Two-Step."  I love this cartoon.  It is much better than the cartoon I previously had of Uncle Sam dancing with Lady Liberty.  Here is the link.  From the site, it looks as if you can ask people online to draw pictures for you pro bono–something useful for every blogger to know.  Has anyone had any experience with this?]

For the post "Leading States in the Fiscal Two-Step” itself, click on the title.  This is a tumblr link post.  (You can always tell a link post because if you hover over the title, a rightarrow appears.)