@mileskimball on Twitter

I consider my activity on Twitter to be an integral part of this blog.  I strongly encourage everyone who subscribes with an RSS feed or on Tumblr, or who comes to this website frequently, to follow @mileskimball on Twitter as well.  For those of you who are already Twitter users, just click the “Follow” button at the sidebar.  If you are not yet a Twitter user, you might find it easier to start by clicking the link labeled

On Twitter: @mileskimball

This link makes it easy to follow my tweets from a regular computer without needing to use the full power of Twitter.  Try it and see!  

My only objective with my tweets is to enhance the experience readers have with this blog—and to reinforce and extend the points I am trying to make on this blog. It will be quite unusual for me to do more than a few tweets a day, so I won’t overwhelm you with tweets.  Here are some of the things I will do with my tweets:

  1. Advertise when I have published an important post (including posts that are important despite being brief).
  2. Give insight into which articles I think are especially interesting in my reading of the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and periodicals.  
  3. Tell in qualitative terms about the blog schedule.
  4. Describe topics I have in mind for upcoming posts.  
  5. Periodically report blog statistics. 
  6. Recommend books, articles, blog posts and tweets by others.
  7. Give more biographical background that will help you understand where I am coming from.
  8. Do the equivalent of a blog post if what I have to say is so short that it can fit into a tweet or two.