A Proposal for the supplysideliberal Community's First Public Service Project: a wikipedia Entry on "Wallace Neutrality"

Although I plan to keep tight editorial–and for the most part, authorial–control over this blog itself, in a broader sense I view supplysideliberal as a collective enterprise.  I hope readers of this blog will gel into an online community that goes beyond this blog.  This will be a community of thoughtful people who do not all think alike; they need not be “Supply-Side Liberals” by the definition given in my first post “What is a Supply-Side Liberal?  Anyone who comes to this website frequently belongs to the supplysideliberal community (which means, for example, that the 535 people who have put this blog on their RSS feeds automatically qualify). 

It is my hope that in some way, the supplysideliberal community becomes something more than just this blog.  But it is good to take things in small steps, even if the small steps follow each other in quick succession.  So I have a proposal for a medium-sized undertaking as our first collective project outside of this blog: bringing into existence a wikipedia entry on "Wallace Neutrality.”

If you think this is a good idea, the key step will be to get the entry started, which I think can be done based on Noah Smith´s post “Does Steve Williamson Think Printing Money Can´t Cause Inflation?” and the comments on my post“Is Monetary Policy Thinking in Thrall to Wallace Neutrality?” Once the entry is started, it can be revised in the light of further comments on this blog, reading of one or more of Wallace´s papers, etc. Because of the importance of highlighting the assumption of Wallace Neutrality behind much of the discussion of monetary policy during our current economic troubles, I believe this would be a great service to the world.

Could one of you take the lead on this?

I definitely can´t do it all myself.  In terms of my personal priorities in relation to monetary policy, in the next while I will be writing about how people’s views on Wallace neutrality inform their views on current monetary policy debates, and what I think should be done given my belief in departures from Wallace neutrality.  In setting out the nature of Wallace neutrality itself, I need help.  I think a wikipedia entry would be a great way to collate our collective wisdom on this. And I think it would be a great start toward our becoming something more than just this blog.