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Update, April 21, 2013: I want to encourage more commentary on my blog. I need to approve each comment unless you are whitelisted. But if you send me a tweet to let me know you need a comment approved, I will get to it quicker, and normally approve it and whitelist you. I do try to enforce a certain level of civility and decorum (including a language filter), but on substance, I want a robust debate. For Quartz columns, the link I post on my blog (usually the day after the column appears) is a good place to make comments. 

I appreciate all of you who are reading my blog.  Let me remind you that I have a companion twitter site @mileskimball.   

I am going to experiment with having tightly moderated comments on this blog.  The way I have comments set up using disqus, I can see all comments, but you will only be able to see the comments that I approve.  I am going to handle comments as a newspaper or magazine would handle letters to the editor.   But so far, comments have been of very high quality, so I have approved them all.  

I will have some posts in which I will pose a question and actively invite comments in order to take advantage of the collective wisdom of my readers.  On those posts, I will be especially diligent about checking out all of the comments, and I will publish more of the comments.  The first such crowd-sourcing post is my post “Is Monetary Policy Thinking in Thrall to Wallace Neutrality?”  The high level of the collective wisdom of my readers is apparent from the comments to this post.  

Two notes:

  1. If you want to see comments, you have to go to the post itself.  You can’t see them on the home page of the blog.  
  2. I have to approve each comment individually in disqus for it to appear, so if I am away from my computer or from internet access (as I often am for substantial periods of time), there may be a significant delay before your comment appears.