A New Advocate for Negative Interest Rate Policy: Donald Trump

I was surprised last week to see Donald Trump directly advocate negative interest rates. You can see his tweet below, along with my reaction.

Donald Trump also reacted to the European Central Bank’s cut in a key interest rate from negative .4% to negative .5% (along with other measures the ECB intends to be stimulative):

Here is my reaction, both to the ECB’s action and to Donald Trump’s tweet about it:

My note of approval for Donald’s tweet about the ECB’s action struck Ivan Werning as too much:

Ivan is one of the economists I most respect in all of the world, so I felt a bit distressed and offered an extended explanation and defense of what I had written, and Ivan added some more reactions:

Along the way, I had some other Twitter convos about Trump, negative rates and eurozone negative rate policy:

Here is some other description and commentary I gave of the ECB’s action:

But my favorite bit of Twitter commentary on the ECB’s action was not my own. It was from “Doo B. Doo”: