Job Posting for a Full-Time Research Assistant with a Bachelor's Degree to Help with the Research Needed to Build a National Well-Being Index, Starting Late Summer 2020

Our team—Dan Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, Kristen Cooper and I, plus the continuing research assistants Hannah Solheim and Arshia Hashemi—are looking for someone interested in being a research assistant for a couple of years (most likely before going on to a PhD program in Economics) to help us hammer out the principles needed to construct a national well-being index as carefully as GDP is constructed, so that it can stand as a full coequal to GDP. Here is the link telling how to apply:

I am also involved in work on genoeconomics, for which we also need a full-time research assistant at the same stage:

We advertised both positions on Twitter:

Tushar Kundu was our research assistant 2017–2019. Here is what he has to say:

Hannah Solheim is not on Twitter, but Arshia Hashemi is, and has this to say about his experience so far as a research assistant:

If you are on Twitter yourself, you can ask me questions there: But the official postings at the links above should make clear what to do next.

Dan, Ori and I, with various coauthors, have published 6 papers in the American Economic Review (3 full-size papers and 3 “Papers and Proceedings” papers) and two in other journals based on our research in the Economics of Happiness, as you can see from my CV.

Update, October 30, 2019: Mark Fabian gives this vote of confidence: