FocusEconomics: Predictions for the Global Economy in 2019 from 13 Experts

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FocusEconomics asked various people, including me, for predictions about the global economy in 2019. Here is my answer, except that they left out my qualifying sentence at the beginning. I have restored it.

I am most likely to be wrong in my predictions for the global economy in 2019, but here is the picture in my head: 

The US employment to population ratio will continue to creep up toward 61%, which given population growth implies robust new job numbers.  

The euro-zone economy will continue to look sluggish, but will very gradually improve.

The UK economy will do OK, despite a continuing mess from Brexit. There is an outside, but important chance that a new referendum will cancel Brexit. 

The Chinese economy will be the most important news in 2019. In particular, the financial system of the Chinese economy will show a lot of strain, even though the Chinese government will contain any potential financial crisis. Besides defaults and bailouts, the key thing to watch is whether borrowing rates for state-owned and state-favored enterprises and borrowing rates for private enterprises begin to converge. This is a key metric for whether the Chinese economy is moving in a healthy direction.

For world welfare, the most important news will be that Africa and India will continue to have significant growth in per capita income.