Chris Kimball: Having a Prophet in the Family

It tickles me to have many members of my family as public figures to some degree. In the podcast above, my brother Chris is being interviewed what it was like to have my grandfather Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th President of the Mormon Church, in the family.

Chris has appeared in many times. Here are other posts Chris authored or coauthored:  

Postscript. Other reasonably famous relatives include my great-great grandfather Heber C. Kimball, who was Brigham Young's First Counselor (2d in command of the Mormon Church back then); my father's first cousin Hal Eyring, who has been First Counselor to one Mormon Prophet and Second Counselor to two others; his father Henry Eyring, who, to quote Wikipedia's article on Henry Eyring

...received the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 1980 and the National Medal of Science in 1966 for developing the Absolute Rate Theory or Transition state theory of chemical reactions, one of the most important developments of 20th-century chemistry.

Trying to live up to the standard of my great uncle Henry Eyring has been an important motivation to me in my scientific efforts as an economist. Trying to do something in the religious dimension that my grandfather, Spencer W. Kimball, excelled at, has been an important motivation to me in my efforts at blogging about religion. 

More distantly, Mitt Romney, whom I hope will soon be a senator from Utah, is my father's 2d cousin. Of my living relatives who are public figures to some degree, Mitt Romney and Henry B. Eyring are the two I would disagree with most. 

I have written about my Dad, Edward Lawrence Kimball here; he has a Wikipedia article, as does my uncle, Spencer Levan Kimball. My daughter, Diana has a popular blog at and a popular Twitter feed: @dianakimball.

Someone who is not a relative by the usual standards, but whom I would like to claim, is Eugene England. Eugene, who died in 2001, is my brother Jordan's father-in-law, a prominent Mormon intellectual, and a very good man.