A Blessing for Diana and Erik

Erik MIchaels-Ober Berlin and Diana Kimball Berlin, married June 24, 2017

Erik MIchaels-Ober Berlin and Diana Kimball Berlin, married June 24, 2017

A few hours ago, our daughter Diana and our new son-in-law Erik were married under a Chuppah on a bright sunny afternoon at Opus 40 in Saugerties, New York. With their permission, we share here the words of the blessing my wife Gail and I spoke to them during the ceremony:

Gail: Diana, the day you were born was one of the best days of our lives. The wonderful things we imagined for you as we held you in our arms were no match for the reality of the woman you have become. 

Miles: You have gone from amazing your parents to amazing your peers. The enthusiasm, creativity and determination we saw in you as a young girl continue today in a remarkable range of projects and challenges you have set yourself.

Gail: In Erik, you have found a partner who loves and appreciates you and is committed to seeing you reach your potential. You balance each other. Erik makes your life even more of an adventure, and reminds you to have fun.  

Miles:  Erik,we love your energy, keen wit and calm confidence. Thank you for loving our daughter. We look forward to all the times we will spend together in the coming years. 

Gail: As you continue to expand and enrich your life together, we wish many blessings for you. 

Miles: May you learn in the future to cherish aspects of each other you have no inkling of today—listening to one another as if you don't know what will come next. 

Gail: May your relationship grow ever deeper as you build something together beyond the capabilities of any one individual. 

Miles: May you always have a circle of friends around you as you do today, with whom you can share sorrows and joys.