Why I Am Not a Physicist

Link to "Why Can't We Find the Theory of Everything? Einstein, Rogue Genius, String Theory | Eric Weinstein" on YouTube."

Above is a very interesting peek into the world of theoretical physics. Theoretical physics are making mathematical progress, but are stalled out in an effort to better understand reality, despite being an incredibly smart and highly-skilled group of people. 

At one point in my youth, I said to everyone that I wanted to someday be a physicist. (And my interest in physics was great enough that I took a full two semesters of the most advanced freshman physics course at Harvard.) But at some point I realized just how stiff the competition would be because of how smart and highly-skilled the community of physicists is. So I decided to go into a field where the competition wouldn't be so stiff: economics. By comparison with physics, economics is still the Wild, Wild West, and it is much easier to make a real contribution in economics.  

It is not lost on me that thinking about how much competition there would be in physics demonstrated some tendency to think like an economist. All the more reason I still think it was the right decision for me to become an economist rather than a physicist.