Miles's Recipe for Success

The thing I would recommend for success is pretty simple. Try every day to get smarter. Learn something. Think. Think hard about some math. Try to figure things out. 

If every day you try to get smarter, you are going to find that you are—certainly ten years later, twenty years later, thirty years later. If you really keep thinking, thinking, thinking all the time, it's also going to keep your mind in better shape when you get older. 

People often, in our society, have the attitude, "You're born smart—or not smart." I think that is a terrible attitude to take. You can make yourself smarter by trying. One of the key things is to have patience with it. People say they can't do math. Math is something you need a lot of patience with. Almost everybody learns math slowly. That is true of a lot of other things, too. Just keep working on it, and you'll find that you do get smarter and smarter. 


Update: Nelson Mark shares this on my Facebook page for this post:

I think it was Sherwin Rosen who told us that the “economic intuition” that the faculty tried to teach us is familiarity. Totally consistent with your recipe. Keep working at it and thinking about stuff.

The same can be said about intuition for many other pursuits.