Prominent Exoplanet Researcher Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment

Unacceptable behavior by Geoff Marcy. Being a good scientist doesn’t give anyone a pass to make other people’s lives miserable in this way. 

On sexual harassment in science, also see Hope Jahren’s New York Times article “She Wanted to Do Her Research. He Wanted to Talk ‘Feelings.’” And John Johnson, in “Fed Up With Sexual Harassment: Defining the Problem” on the Women in Astronomy blog writes this:

If you are a man and struggle to see why an unwelcome sexual advance can be so disturbing, take my friend’s suggestion and ignore the gender mismatch. Instead of imagining a senior woman touching you, imagine a large, muscular man gazing seductively into your eye while touching your knee just before colloquium. How well would you remember the talk? What would be on your mind following the talk? Who would you talk to about the incident, especially if the man who has a crush on you has control over your career?