Jesus’ Upside-Down Kingdom

The Upside-Down Kingdom by Donald B. Kraybill

Another theme of Jesus’ teaching is the kingdom of God, or of heaven, a kingdom like no other where God is the ruler; here, the humble and meek are exalted and the mighty are brought down, and he who would be first must be the servant of all. One modern writer even referred to it as “The Upside-Down Kingdom,” because it reverses all the realities of human empires and kingdoms.

– Michael Collins and Matthew A Price, The Story of Christianity: A Celebration of 2,000 Years of Faithpp. 26-27.

Update: Dennis Wolfe offers the following reaction: 

Reviewing your brief post this morning reminded me of a sermon I heard about 5 years ago by the same name at this link.  Along with his many books, Tim Keller’s sermons have had a tremendous influence on my faith and view of organized religion.  My wife and I have visited his church in Manhattan a few times and feel drawn to his approach to Christ-centered ministry - something we want to help cultivate in our own Christian community.  I would really enjoy your thoughts.