Barack Obama: Football as the Best Sports Analogy for Politics

On Vox, Libby Nelson distilledJerry Seinfeld’s interview with Barack Obama. Here is the most interesting bit:

Seinfeld asks what sport politics is most like: “It’s probably most like football,” Obama said. “A lot of players. A lot of specialization. A lot of hitting. A lot of attrition. But then every once in awhile, you’ll see an opening, you hit the line, you get one yard, you try a play, you get sacked, now it’s like, third and 15… you have to punt a lot. But every once in awhile, you see a hole, and then there’s open field.”

I am reminded of the one time I used football as a political metaphor: 

The height of my actual football career was playing on a little league team back in 1974 with Kyle Wittingham, now head football coach for the University of Utah.