Miles Kimball - Google Scholar Citations

I recently realized the importance of Google Scholar for how my academic work is perceived. So I signed up. At the top you see the link to my Google Scholar page. It is interesting because it ranks my papers by number of citations. You can see which were my biggest hits by that measure. Partly in response to that citation analysis, I am plotting how to carve out time to write more papers on the economics or risk in the coming years. I certainly have many things to say on that score, since for many years I have taught a class on advanced mathematical methods for the economics of risk and time.  

While I am at it, here is my REPEC ranking analysis (a link only good until the end of September 2019). You can see that my rank is much higher when looking at influence as measures by citations–particularly citations in high-impact journals–than when looking at quantity-based measures such as total number of pages in academic journals. 

For those who are willing to count serious economic writing for a non-academic audience, the sheer quantity of my output looks considerably larger! If you want to take a look at that output, I recommend starting with the links collected in these 3 bibliographic posts: 

In addition to my training in economics, I have a Master's degree in Linguistics. Here is a link to my Master's thesis: Language, Linguistics and Philosophy: A Comparison of the Work of Roman Jakobson and the Later Wittgenstein, with Some Attention to the Philosophy of Charles Saunders Peirce.

Finally, here is a link to my current CV.