Virgina Postrel: Glamour Reveals Nonsatiation

Even in its most apparently superficial and entertaining forms, glamour reveals inner truths. It exposes our vulnerabilities, to ourselves and perhaps to the world. We feel lonely, frustrated, and unappreciated; we long for fellowship, for meaningful work, for true love. We are social and biological creatures. We want to be looked at and admired, to be rich and powerful, to be painlessly heroic and effortlessly beautiful. We long to be sexually desired and recognized as special. Glamour defies demands for humility or modesty, self-denial or patient resignation. It is ambitious and self-involved. Above all, glamour reveals that we want to be something we are not. It demonstrates that we are not wholly content with life as it is. Glamour is pleasurable, but it is also disquieting.

– Virgina Postrel, The Power of Glamour, p, 221