An Audio Narration of "The Coming Transformation of Education: Degrees Don’t Matter Anymore, Skills Do"

I was surprised to stumble across (via a tweet)  an audio narration of my Quartz column “Degrees don’t matter anymore, skills do.” I think this narration is quite well done. (It isn’t me talking, but Larry Rice, who definitely sounds like a professional narrator.) The column sounded better and smarter to me in this narration than it sounded in my head as I was writing it and proofreading it. Of course, however good or bad the article is, it is definitely no smarter or less smart in the narration than in the reading–so that is an illusion! Anyway, you might like it. 

By the way, I am unclear on the copyright issues here, and interested in what you think about that. As far as I know, Umano did this without any permission, and let me say that I am not giving them permission, despite the fact that I am linking to this. At this point, I don’t think this hurts either me or Quartz, but I reserve the right to protest at any later time if I come to the view that circumstances have changed so that the posting of this narration does hurt my interests.  

Update April 15, 2015: My editor now tells me this is with the permission of Quartz.