Stupid Criminals

My Dad is an emeritus law professor who specialized in criminal law. One thing I often heard from him is that criminals don’t always fully optimize. The video above, via isomorphismes, is in that vein. Also, but googling “stupid criminals,” I quickly found this entertaining post

Here are the musings of isomorphismes on the video above:

If people are rational and self-interested, why do they incriminate themselves after being Mirandised?

After minute 31 an experienced Virginia Beach interrogator-cum-3L explains how he convinces criminals to confess, against their interest, even after advising them that “Anything you say may be used in court”.

Especially after minute 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, 45, 47 he explains how he has outsmarted several criminal archetypes over 28 years.

Also check the interrogator’s view (at min 45) on cultural prejudice and presumption of guilt in Virginia Beach criminal court.